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How to Dress for a Summer Music Festival

Music festivals aren’t just all about the music, and it’s about the fashion too. Of course, you’ll want to look your best when you take hundreds of pictures to post on your social media accounts. However, you also want to be as comfortable as you can in your clothes at the music festival. How do you balance comfort and fashion? Check out these tips on how to dress for a scorching hot summer music festival.

pink and green ferris wheelEasy Breezy

Choose an outfit that is easy to wear. This is the golden rule for summer festival fashion because you don’t want to have to deal with how hard your outfit takes off when you have to use the toilet, or at the end of the day when you want to pass out. You should also be smart in choosing the fabric. Avoid leather or latex, or wool. These fabrics are not absorbent and will make you wet from sweat. Choose polyester or cotton instead. Your clothes should be nice and airy since you’ll be under the sun all day.

Play with Colors

It’s a full day out in the sun, in a colorful music festival! So why shouldn’t you play with colors? If you usually stick to the same safe colors, such as black and white, opt for other colors instead. It doesn’t have to be shocking and bright. Pastel colors usually do a great job of making you look fun and elegant at the same time. Mix and match colors that you typically don’t wear daily. After all, it’s a festival so that you can mix neon with crazy patterns, and it would still fit the occasion.

girls colorfulProtective Shoes

You probably think that flip-flops are the way to go to summer music festivals. However, you’re going to be running around and dancing all day, so flip-flops might not be the safest to wear. It might wear off or easily get lost. It also won’t protect your feet from the sun, and you can get sunburnt. A better alternative is sneakers. They are comfortable and will support any kind of activity. Don’t forget to wear socks, though, because the humidity will make your feet stink from the sweat if you don’t wear socks.


This is the number one thing that you must have at a summer music festival. The last things you want out of a music festival is sunburns and inflamed peeling skin, not to mention an uneven tan. Use the sunblock before you go out under the sun, and reapply every two to three hours for maximum protection. You should also apply aloe vera after you’re done for the day to return moisture into the skin so that it won’t dry out and peel.…