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Stressful day at the office? Just had a massive fight with your significant other? Boredom bringing you down? Not to worry, all you need to do is turn on your television and look for these tv shows to boost up your mood during the day or at the end of the day. These tv shows are the classic comedy series, guaranteed to make you laugh and supply that extra serotonin inside your body.

couple piggybackingHow I Met Your Mother

A worldwide known series, How I Met Your Mother has had high ratings from the first season to the seventh. It is a simple storyline, a father of two kids is explaining the story of how he met their mother, yet it involves a lot of funny twists and turns between him and his four best friends. The five leading casts of this show became top billed actors and actresses, with Cobie Smulders joining the MARVEL world as Agent Hill in The Avengers, Neil Patrick Harris in Smurfs, and Jason Segel in groundbreaking rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Guaranteed, this show is going to crack you up even in your worst days.

Modern Family

Reaching their ninth season since they were first released, Modern Family is said to be America’s favorite family TV show. It tells the story of an extended family, including an interracial marriage family, to a cereal box family of parents and three children, and a gay marriage family. With this many leading roles, it is rare that a TV show can pull it off, but this TV show definitely did. Each character has their own distinctive personalities according to the stereotypes that everyone would think of when they were first introduced to the characters. From a funny dad, a serious mom, an even more serious grandfather, a loud Mexican woman, a sassy gay couple, and more. It’s a TV show that is full of flavor and unique storylines, each episode would make you smile.

girls lying down on couch on balconyTwo Broke Girls

Another story about two girls? We know, it might sound boring, because none of them ever works for long. However, Two Broke Girls have proven Hollywood wrong once again. It tells a story of two girls living in New York City, with no money and working in a shabby small diner. The two leading characters Max and Caroline played by Kat Dennings, and Beth Behrs has opposite personalities yet shares a lot of the same likes and dislikes. Together they face the world of being money dependant in New York City, working in a diner with people who are just as unique and funny as they are.

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